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Have a say! Add your voice...

Posted by Tafadzwa Machirori (Admin) 4 months ago

Interest in the status of the teaching profession is spiking. The Future Teachers Talk national roundtable  project is gaining recognition in the media.

Check out the latest news articles here;

Teacher Magazine

The Educator

However, these initiatives can only take us so far. We need your experiences, knowledge and voice to amplify the momentum.

Have your say in the Crowdicity jam and tell us the way forward.


Seems people are of the opinion that the teaching profession is not getting the attention it deserves but WHAT ARE THE SOLUTIONS?

Share with us your thoughts by completing the challenges and let your voice lead the process in the development of meaningful solutions.

You can read the full article via the link below;


This article describes the commissioning of an inquiry into the pressures teachers are facing at work. You could be an early voice feeding into this dialogue. Share with us your thoughts on the pressure you have faced in your teaching career so far. What is the best approach to deal with these pressures? 

Read the full article here;


Read the full article here;

It seems some action is beginning to be put in place but the question remains....'Is it enough'?, Join in the conversation and help us identify the salient and underlying problems faced by teachers in this profession. Add your voice to the identification of real, informed problems and the generation of tangible solutions.

We are in the news!

Posted by Tafadzwa Machirori (Admin) 11 months ago

YES! The Future Teachers Talk project is getting the media attention which it rightly deserves...

See us in;



Welcome to Crowdicity. I will be your Crowdicity facilitator. I look forward to an engaging experience with all of you over the coming weeks as we seek your input, ideas and insights on how to raise the status of teachers, an undoubtedly important profession.

Please refer to the quick guide attached for a simple navigation around the Crowdicity site.

Also, do you know you can download the Crowdicity app via the Playstore on your phone for easier access?

Let's get the word out and get the momentum going!


Posted by Tania Aspland Aug 4, 2019

Welcome to Future Teachers Talk, a ground-breaking, nationwide, virtual roundtable where your opinions matter. We want to hear what you think would help to attract more candidates – particularly secondary school students – into teaching. 

Over the coming weeks we’ll be challenging you in Problem and Solution Jams, which are designed to stimulate discussions and lead to innovative proposals to tackle important and difficult real-world issues faced by potential and current teachers. 

There are no right or wrong answers – only the sharing of fresh thinking from teacher education students across the country.

This project is a partnership between Swinburne University education, business, psychology and open innovation researchers and the Australian Council of Deans of Education, which represents most of the institutions that teach future teachers like you. 

Thank you for joining us to make the Future Teachers Talk a great success.

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