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Challenge 2: Teaching as a Career - The Upside

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'Everything I tried, I was successful at but the difficulty was, nothing gave me true job satisfaction. Nothing quite felt like it fit… [Now] I absolutely love what I do. I love being in the classroom with students. I love collaborating with my colleagues. I'm one of those people that secretly enjoys the staff meetings. I enjoy the conversations that come out of those sorts of meetings. I know that there aren't that many of us out there. But I'm an extremely passionate person, and to have something that feels truly worthwhile to put my effort into has brought me more job satisfaction than I've experienced in the last 10 years'.

Early career teacher

We all have different motives, reasons and circumstances that lead us into the teaching profession. Regardless of how we enter this profession, what are important are the little joys we get in doing our jobs.

In this challenge you will be asked to describe what you believe to be;

  • The most attractive features of teaching as a profession,
  • The personal traits and types of support you have utilized to rise above the negativity about the profession.

You can type in your response to this challenge in the requisite boxes or, alternatively, record and upload a video responding to the questions.







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Helping students take flight

What do you see as the most attractive features of teaching as a profession? I'd say, definitely the responsibility that is in your hands. I see teaching as a challenge which may appear to be a downside. However this challenge makes me feel proud because it involves shaping the next generation to be their personal best. It is so purposeful.  I also love studying and I think that the ultimatum of being a great student is to be able to pass on the knowledge of what you have learnt....

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Remember the great bits about teaching - become a mentor

As a senior experienced teacher with Queensland State Schooling, I have had the opportunity to mentor beginning teachers. This not only helps me support teachers who are new to the profession, but it allows me to be inspired to try different things. I want to go back to old ideas or even strategies that I have used before. There was a lot of things that I had forgotten that I used to do to start off the year and they were great, and I'm glad I remembered them, because it helped me build...

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Glass half full

I see the most attractive features of teaching to be the outcomes. It is very rewarding to see the progress and success in students that do well. Their success is your success. Another attractive feature of teaching is the diversity of the career. So many different people will come and go, different ages, different personailties and characters. Each individual will bring their own life experiences and own traits to the table, and there is something to learn from everyone.

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