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Challenge 3: Getting into Teaching - Ideas for Improvement

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'Imagine the buzz teachers could generate collectively to attract new talent to our profession.'

Early career teacher

Thank you for submitting your views on why the teaching profession is becoming a less attractive career in Australia in the Challenge 1, and the traits and supports that have worked for you in dealing with any negativity you have encountered in Challenge 2. 

Now, we are looking for ideas (nothing is too big or small) that you think could enhance the attractiveness of teaching as a career and address you and you peers have identified.

We invite you to post your idea(s) by typing in your responses in the requisite text boxes or, alternatively, recording and uploading a 6minute video/audio file responding to the questions. In your response you may discuss; 

  • What would be likely to encourage secondary school students to consider teaching?
  • Who – peers, parents, teachers, others – has the greatest influence on whether or not secondary school students choose teaching as a career?
  • What could help to improve how those influencers view teaching?





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A student must see the (not so obvious) importance of education

What would be likely to encourage secondary school students to consider teaching? To put it simply, secondary students would have to be exposed to positively impactful teachers. This is hard because adolescence is a life stage where an individual are trying to find a sense of themselves, a sense of belonging and achieve high academic marks to get into university, so they already have a lot on their plate.  For a teacher to stand out in a good way to a student, they would either have to...

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changing perceptions of "teaching" as a profession to focus on "Teachers the People"

I have been looking at research that show that teachers as one of the most trusted people in our society. However, we all hear people degrade the profession en masse. How about instead, we focus more on teachers, as a person, and less on those perceptions?  Everybody has had a really great teacher, someone that they look up to, are inspired by. Someone who is a hero or a saviour. Why not get people to focus on the fact that teachers are people, those people who we remember? Remind them...

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Student teachers

Student teacher should not be forced to sit the lantite test if the started before 2016. I would not recommend anyone to the teaching profession as I have had my degree withheld. Students are left with 30 thousand in hecs debit and no degree

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