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Challenge 1: Teaching as a Career - The Downside

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'It is important to manage the unrealistic expectations levelled at teachers by parents, media, and policymakers.'

Early career teacher

Teachers are vital to developing and nurturing future generations so it can be demoralising when media, politicians and others, with no experience in the teaching profession, offer their opinions on what teachers should be doing.

In this challenge you will asked for your views regarding:

  • The top reasons people generally shy away from teaching as a career,
  • Why secondary school students, particularly, may not be taking up teaching as a career,
  • What would be more likely to encourage people in general, and secondary school students specifically,                   to consider a teaching career?

You may type in your responses in the requisite text boxes or, alternatively, you record and upload a video file responding to the questions.

We look forward to hearing your comments and, would appreciate it if you could also respond to at least three other posts from fellow teachers.

Let’s get this conversation going!






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The dark [down] side to teaching

Perceived (or real) lack of respect from the community  Capped salary at a government school Perceived lack of creativity due to mandated syllabus  Standardised testing or “teaching to the test” When someone decides to be a teacher, they think about their impact in being able to support a young person and help them achieve what they want to achieve. They don’t think about the admin, meetings and paperwork that comes with it and that appears to deter many early career/graduate teachers....

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It's a Long Story

See video

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It's all noise to me

Misconceptions about the value of working with children and equipping them for the future.  A misunderstanding of what the job involves - there's so much work that happens behind the scenes, whereas only a small part of that is visible. Low pay (at least in the public sector)

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It all comes down to personal experience

What are the top five reasons people (of any age) shy away from teaching as a career? One. They have been bullied at school. I am one of the lucky few who have had a positive experience at school but I know a lot of people who do not wish to go back to a place where they are reminded of their darkest timepoints.  Two. They are not a fan of kids. This is absolutely personal preference but some do not wish to be affiliated with children. Some don't even want to have children. But it is...

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To teach or not to teach?

I think a drawback for some people can be the pressures on teachers. The pressure of teaching the next generation of members in our commuity. The pressure of creating a positive experince for students. The pressure of expectations from parents.

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I was a ECT.  Firstly I left because of LANTITE, secondly, jumping too many hurdles with no support or funding. Thirdly, the pay is not increasing any time soon. And finally, when there is so much pressure with everything riding on an exam after you've done 4-5 years study you lose all passion before you even enter the field.

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