Future Teachers Talk

Future Teachers Talk

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Raising the status of teachers using digitally mediated social innovation.

Investigators and Other Project Personnel

Chief Investigator:

     Dr Rosemary Fisher – Swinburne University of Technology


     Dr Andrew Rixon – Swinburne University of Technology

     Dr Kristina Turner, Swinburne University of Technology

     Professor Ninetta Santoro - Swinburne University of Technology

     Professor Glen Bates - Swinburne University of Technology

Research Assistant:

     Mr. Leroy Machirori- Swinburne University of Technology

Industry Collaborator:

     Ms Leslie Falkiner-Rose – Australian Council of Deans of Education

Introduction to Project and Invitation to Participate

You are invited to participate in an on-line Innovation Jam that will generate ideas to help raise the status of teaching as a career choice. 

What this project is about and why it is being undertaken

The Australian community’s perception of teaching as a low status profession is a challenging and significant problem.  If not addressed, it will impact the quality of Australian education and our future as an innovative country. Developed as a research project, we seek pre-service teachers to join an on-line community and contribute their ideas to resolving this problem. 

By having an on-line community participate in a structured Innovation Jam, the project aims to:

     1) identify social innovations that could re-brand teaching in the eyes of stakeholders;

     2) identify social innovations that emerge from the process; and

     3) use the insights from this project to develop an expanded project that seeks to positively                influence secondary school students about teaching as a career.

Project and researcher interests

This is a collaborative project with the Australian Council of Deans of Education.  

What participation will involve – time, effort, resources, costs, compensatory payments, etc

To participate in this project you acknowledge that;

  • you are over 18 years of age,
  • you are enrolled in an initial teacher education degree at an Australian University contributing to this research,
  • your participation in this project is neither compensated nor incentivised.
  • you are voluntarily completing the signup process to the digital platform Crowdicity which will grant you access to participate in the Innovation Jams with the crowd (you and other participating pre-service teachers). 

The Innovation Jam host will pose a series of questions (the problems) in each Challenge Round and ask the community of pre-service teachers to ideate individual or collective solution/s over the period August to November 2019.

Challenge 1 – The Ice-Breaker Challenge

This challenge is expected to run for three weeks.

The intention behind this challenge is to encourage participants to connect to one another on the platform and stimulate conversations. This challenge may take 2 hours in total.

Key elements:

  1. 1st sub-challenge – Socio-cultural context – Initiating questions will be posed, for example Who has inspired you to become a teacher?
  2. 2nd sub-challenge – Identity and psyche – Questions will be posed, for example What does teaching represent to you as a career?

Challenge 2 – Problem Jam

This challenge is expected to run for around four weeks.

The intention behind this challenge is to steer discussion about the different teaching challenges faced by participants.  Question/statements will be posed, for example What concerns you the most about becoming/being a teacher?  This challenge may take 4 hours in total.

Challenge 3 Solution Jam

This challenge is expected to run for around four weeks.

Four 4 themes derived from data collected from the problem jam will form the basis of this Jam. One theme per week.  Participants will vote on each solution to identify the “best” and discuss the best solutions to implement. This challenge may take 4 hours in total.

Your time commitment is influenced by your interest in the process or problem being posed, and how engaged in the various discussions and activities you become.  For each challenge round of the Innovation Jam, a minimum time commitment over each round could be a total of 10 hours across all three challenges. 

From this process, we will collect the following data for the purposes of analysis:

  • Participant postings, ideas, comments, on-line discussions;
  • platform analytic data (such as frequency of access, contacts within the group, etc);
  • final solutions submitted by individuals or groups

Participant rights and interests

Risks & Benefits/Contingencies/Back-up Support

No risks of participating in this project are anticipated.  Any experienced may be limited to the amount of time you spend engaging with the Innovation Jams, which may inconvenience busy students.

Although it is not intended that discussion will focus on religious beliefs or specific cultural practices, there is a possibility that such discussion may arise on the digital platform between individuals. Participants will have the right of withdrawal as detailed below. Furthermore, participation activities and times will be cognizant of religious observances or cultural practices and flexible in regards to time commitment.

Benefits of participation include that you will contribute to building a strong network of pre-service teachers that will likely continue into the future.  We also anticipate you will enjoy the benefits of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals, that you helped found, and the process of creatively addressing the problems posed.

Free Consent/Withdrawal from Participation

You indicate your consent to participate in this research project when you logon to the Innovation Jam digital platform and establish a logon and password.

Participation is voluntary and you may withdraw from the process at any time without question or explanation. There will be no effects to your university studies or grades by either participating in or withdrawing from this project.

When you post your ideas or content to the Innovation Jam, you still own your contribution and have the right to use it for other purposes, but give the platform owners (Crowdicity) and us the right to use your ideas and content for other purposes free of charge (see Research Outputs below) and forever in order to provide services (in the case of Crowdicity) or other purposes (in the case of us).

Privacy & Confidentiality

Your data will be securely managed by encrypted password protected logon, and stored on a secure server managed by Crowdicity. The Crowdicity Privacy and Confidentiality statements are available when you logon. 

Access to your data will only be available to the Swinburne research team (ie the chief and co-investigators, and research officer named at the top of this consent form).  Should a Swinburne researcher engaged in this project have a potential or actual relationship with you (such as teacher/student relationship) they will be excluded from accessing any identifiable data.

Research output

Aggregated data will be used for analysis and individuals will not be identifiable.  The data will be used to write a professional report, journal publications, and conference presentations and for the purposes of developing product or services that positively influence the perception of teaching as career choice.  Publications are available to project participants via the ACDE website.  Additionally, the results may be used in applications for future research grants.

Creators of great ideas with the potential to be developed further will be contacted by a member of the research team.

Further information about the project – who to contact

If you would like further information about the project, please do not hesitate to contact:

Dr Rosemary Fisher, Swinburne University of Technology, 03 9214 5479, rlfisher@swin.edu.au

Concerns/complaints about the project – who to contact:

This project has been approved by or on behalf of Swinburne’s Human Research Ethics Committee (SUHREC) in line with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. If you have any concerns or complaints about the conduct of this project, you can contact:

Research Ethics Officer, Swinburne Research (H68),

Swinburne University of Technology, P O Box 218, HAWTHORN VIC 3122 Australia.

Tel (03) 9214 3845 or +61 3 9214 3845 or resethics@swin.edu.au