Future Teachers Talk



 Do you want to share your views on what it's like becoming a teacher? Then join this Australian first – a national, virtual roundtable – and have your say about that and many other questions calling for your opinions.

It's not a test and (sorry) there are no marks or prizes. Just the chance you'll get a warm inner glow from being a teacher education student trail blazer, collectively sparking fresh ideas.

Over the coming months your (de-identified) conversations and insights will be analysed by Swinburne University education, business, psychology and open innovation researchers. They've partnered in this study with the Australian Council of Deans of Education – the peak body for most of the institutions that teach future teachers like you. 

The aim is to come up with new thinking and potential solutions on how to raise the status of teachers and attract more potential teachers like you.

And what will we do with your ideas? No gathering of dust here. We'll ensure that those who influence and decide on, the future of Australian education hear what you think we, they and others should do.